Junji Hirose = 広瀬淳二 + Yoshihide Otomo = 大友良英 – Silanganan Ingay

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Label:Tanga-Tanga – R-001


Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+/VG (some light scratching is visible, sound is a noise type, so it is not that noticeable, but there are places where crackles can be found)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs mainly outside of sleeve, light wears)

This 1989 collaboration work between Junji Hirose, an improviser who performed with a self-made musical device called SSI (Self-made Sound Instrument), which combined junks and toys, and Yoshihide Otomo, a Japanese represented avant-garde musician who had also begun performing as a turntable player. Total 15 tracks of improvised noise sound by both musicians using various instruments. In addition to turntable, various other instruments and toys are featured in the photographs. You can also see the full live performance by the two in 2021, more than 30 years after this work, so be sure to check it out as well.

サックスに加え、がらくたや玩具を組み合わせたSelf-made Sound Instrument(SSI)と名付けた自作楽器装置にてパフォーマンスを行ってきた即興演奏家 広瀬淳二とターンテーブル奏者としても活動を始めていた前衛音楽家 大友良英による89年の共演作。両者による様々な楽器を用いた即興騒音工作のあれやこれやを15編に渡り収録。ターンテーブル以外にも様々な楽器や玩具が写真に掲載されています。本作から30年以上を経た2021年の二人によるライブの模様もフルで見れるのでこちらも是非チェックを.

A1 - Noise From Far East

A2 - The Time To Live And The Time To Die

A4 - 6 And 14 Wave

A6 - Green Bicycle

B2 - Mob?

B3 - For T.T.

B8 - Rip