Juan Marcos Blanco – Caballos Musica Electroacustica

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Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+/VG (B2 has scratch affect to sound (please check audio sample), other tunes are good shape only minor surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown wear, small pencil writing, cheap paper sleeve but no cut/break, good condition as this type of sleeve)

Juan Marcos Blanco, the son of Juan Blanco, a composer/teacher who was largely involved in the development of electroacoustic music in Cuba. Known for working on more than 40 for film, theater, ballet, soundtracks, etc., like his father, and he has a wide range of activities abroad and in particular, known to have played a major role in the Cultures Électroniques series supported by UNESCO and C.I.M.E. (International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music). This work is one of the few confirmed works under his own name from 1984, and it is full of originative electronic music from his mind, from the music concrete with the sound of horses (Caballos) running and sampling frogs to wired electronic pop and Moog electronics.

キューバにおける電子音響音楽の発展に大きく携わった作曲家/教師Juan Blancoの息子Juan Marcos Blanco。親父さん同様に映画、演劇、バレエ、サウンドトラックなど40以上の作品を手掛けた事で知られ国外での活動も多岐の渡りUNESCOとC.I.M.E.(International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music)がサポートを務めたCultures Électroniquesシリーズでも大きな役割を担った人物。本作は数少ない本人名義が確認されている84年の作品で、表題のCaballos=馬の駆ける音や蛙のサンプリングを交えたミュージックコンクリートからワイヤードな電子ポップ、ムーグエレクトロニクスなどなど彼のマインドから飛び出した電子音楽が溢れ出しています。もうたまりません。

A1 - Trotes

A3 - Sueños

B2 - La Doma (scratch part)

B4 - La Fuga

B5 - La Manada