Jorge De Oro - Musica Para El "Aquietamiento"

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Used Cassette 1992

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Buenos Aires-born music therapist/multi-instrumentalist Jorge De Oro. A fugure who has been active in the fields of yoga, reiki, meditation under the title of music proposal for harmony through many years of integral being research and workshops. This is 1992 release cassette entitled Music for the "Quieting". It contains approximately 60 minutes of healing/new age sound that combine over 10 instruments and sounds of nature with the energy of various phenomenon such as Machu Picchu, Siddhartha, and Pehuen. It's completely home-made style sleeves and cassettes, which are considered to be produced in extremely small quantities (existing).

ブエノスアイレス生まれの音楽療法士/マルチ奏者Jorge De Oro。長年のインテグラル・ビーイング研究やワークショップを通じて調和のための音楽提案と題してヨガ、レイキ、瞑想等の分野で活躍したお方。本作は”心を落ち着かせる音楽”とつけられた92年のカセット作品。マチュピチュ、シッダールタ、ペウエンなど様々な事象をエネルギーに10を超える楽器群と自然界の音を組み合わせた約60分間のヒーリング/ニューエイジ音源を収録。極少量生産(現存)と目される完全ホームメイドスタイルのスリーブとカセット。

A3 - Meri Puel

A4 - Orbita

A5 - Aqui y Ahora

A7 - VivoenTi

B2 - Machu Pichu Ⅱ

B3 - Siddhartha

B4 - ParalosAnegelesⅡ

B5 - Cosmos

All this YouTube sound sources are recorded from this copy.