Jojje Wadenius ‎– Puss, Puss, Sant, Sant

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Used LP 1978

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (has age scrubs,good condition)

Stockholm based guitarist/musician Jojje Wadenius aka Georg Wadenius's album released in '78. There is also a history of co-starring with Aretha Franklin, Donald Fagen. It also contains expressive and technical performances that can be nod, especially the delicate A5 that feels the Nordic air feeling is wonderful, and the smooth jazz of B4 is also nice.

ストックホルム出身のギタリスト/音楽家Jojje Wadenius aka Georg Wadeniusの78年発表のアルバム。Aretha Franklin, Donald Fagenなどと共演履歴もあるのも頷ける表情豊かでテクニカルな演奏を収録していて、中でも北欧の空気感を感じさせる繊細なA5が素晴らしいです、B4のスムースジャズもいい感じです。

A5 - Vintervisa

B4 - Kärleksvisa