John Scott – Lifes Ritual

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Label:Bruton Music – BRJ 18


Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel super slight surface noise at quiet part, label has stamp)

Jacket:VG+ (tape as often found on library items on back, slight scuffs, good category) 

John Scott, an English composer/multi-instrumentalist who has participated in library works such as KPM, Southern Library series, as well as in the soundtrack of "Tuesday Suspense Theater" in Japan. This Library piece is based on Ritual, which was left to the library label Bruton Music, where John Scott used to base his activities. A long and short track composition that approaches the mystery while tribal, jazz, ambient elements are mixed. 2-4 minutes long tracks are well-developed and the short tracks are also well-crafted. We think it's a considerably good content in number of Ritual-related works. The cover is also irresistible.

KPMやSouthern Libraryなどのライブラリー作品はじめ日本でも火曜サスペンス劇場のサントラ作品にも参加している英人作曲家/マルチ奏者John Scottが活動の拠点のひとつとしていたライブラリーレーベルBruton Musicに残したRitualを題材にした一枚。トライバルやアンビエントの要素が入り混じりながら神秘に迫る長短の楽曲構成。2-4分程の展開力ある曲群に加え短い曲にも手抜きなし。全体に漂う雰囲気も言う事なし。数あるRitual関連作品でもかなりいい線いってると思います。ジャケもたまらない。

A4 - Caution

A10 - Relentless Approach 2

B13 - Nature's Ritual

B17 - Nature's Revelations 2

B18 - Utopia

B19 - Utopia Revisited 1