Joe Mubare – Private Scream

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Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape, only feel slight surface noise at silent part

Jacket:VG+/EX (clean) w/original black inner

German/American composer Joe Mubare, taking advantage of a part-time job composing at 20th Century Fox, devoted himself to music activities from the 1980s, released several records, and this is one of the three records left for his own label "YAYA" in 1990. Includes a number of variant tracks with digested minimalism, ethno, afro, ambient music, jazz, more. The ambient ethnic minimal "Junglelife" and the ethno-new age-type tunes A2/B6 are the main tracks however quality sound throughout. 

ジャーマン/アメリカン作曲家Joe Mubare。20世紀フォックスでの作曲のアルバイトを機に80年代からは音楽活動に専念し数枚のリリース後、90年に自らのレーベル”YAYA”に残した三枚のレコードの一つ。ミニマリズム、エスノ、アフロ、環境音楽、ジャズ等が消化された変種トラックの数々を収録。アンビエント感覚の民族ミニマル”Junglelife”やエスノ・ニューエイジA2/B6が筆頭ですが全編聴き応えあります。最高~

A2 - What Is It

A6 - Junglelife

B1 - The Part

B4 - Silly Man

B5 - Will We Ever

B6 - I'm Not Afraid Anymore