Joe Jones — In Performance

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Label:Harlekin Art Records


Used LP 1977 Numbered

Disc:VG+/EX (looks glossy and clean, only feel slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+/EX (very clean)

Joe Jones, an American musician and a member of Fluxus, an international and interdisciplinary community of artists, composers, designers, and poets who gathered in the 1960s and 1970s to develop an experimental art movement. In Performance was created in 1977, making full use of his signature self-made self-playing instruments, in which string, woodwind, and percussion instruments are played by a motor driven by a small battery. Contents over 40 minutes of meditative drone-type music that encompasses a variety of providences. Randomly struck sounds overlap with the drone, and it's a amazed musical experience. Yoko Ono, who also performed with the Automatic Performing Machine and was a member of Fluxus, close friend of him, handles the liner notes. Limited to 500 numbered copies in his own handwriting, however, many of the covers were water damaged and many were discarded prior to release, so it is said that fewer original copies exist today. 167/500

1960 年代から 1970 年代にかけて芸術家、作曲家、デザイナー、詩人が集まり実験的な芸術運動を繰り広げた国際的かつ学際的コミュニティFluxusのメンバーでもある米人音楽家Joe Jones。本作は小型バッテリーで駆動するモーターにて弦楽器、木管楽器、打楽器を演奏させた代名詞でもある自作自動演奏楽器を駆使して作り上げられた77年作。様々な摂理を内包したメディテーショナル・ドローン・ミュージックを40分超に渡り収録。ランダム的に打ち込まれる打撃音がドローンと重なり爆音で聞くと超ヤバいです。自動演奏機でも共演し、親交の深かったオノ・ヨーコがライナーを担当。自筆のナンバリング入り500部限定、しかしながら多くのカバーが水濡れしリリース前に多くが廃棄され、現存はより少ないと言われています。オリジナル美品。167/500

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