Joanna Brouk – Sounds Of The Sea

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Label:Hummingbird Productions – CH-103


Used Cassette 1990

Tape:VG+ (plays well, opened from dead stock copy) 

J-Card:VG+ (age stain mark on back, opened from dead stock copy) 

Joanna Brouk, a female composer who studied under Robert Ashley and Terry Riley, then moved on to the Bay Area scene in the 70's and released numerous releases mainly in the 80's with her own technique/composition method. This 1981 cassette is inspired by the legend of the mermaid and the sailor, one of her early works. The entire album has a mystical air, as well as a fourth-world sound that drifts between the boundaries of eroticism, minimalism, ambient, and drone. The very lush recording is also excellent. This is the 1990 release version, which is also becoming rare.

Robert AshleyとTerry Rileyに師事し、その後は70年代ベイエリアシーンへ進みながら80年代を中心に独自の技法/作曲法でリリースを重ねた女流作家Joanna Brouk。本作は初期作品のひとつとなる人魚と船乗りの伝説にインスピレーションを得た81年作。神秘的な空気感はもちろん、エロティシズム、ミニマル、アンビエント、ドローンの境界を漂うような第四世界的サウンドを全編に収録。非常に瑞々しい録音も素晴らしい。こちらも稀少となっている90年リリース版です。

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