Jin Kirigaya = 桐ケ谷仁 – Vermilion

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Label:Express – ETP-90292


Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+ (good shape, B side has one mark part but not affect to sound)

Jacket:VG+ (in shrink, light brown wear on back) w/hype sticker, insert

The 4th and first self-produced album released after leaving Masataka Matsutoya, who studied under him. In addition to Tatsuro Yamashita band members such as Jun Aoyama, Hiroki Ito, Kazuo Shiina, eminent musicians such as Soichi Noriki, Hiroyuki Namba, Motoya Hamaguchi, Pecker, more participated in the project. A great piece full of tunes from AOR to mellow to ballads. Among them, the mid-mellow "Weekend Game" and "Natsu no Illusion" are excellent.

師事していた松任谷正隆を離れてリリースされた4作目となるセルフ・プロデュース・アルバム。青山純、伊藤広規、椎名和夫など山下達郎バンド・メンバーの他、野力奏一、難波弘之、浜口茂外也 、ペッカーなど錚々たるミュージシャンが参加。AOR~メロウ~バラードまで良曲ひしめく人気も頷ける作品。中でもミッド・メロウ"Weekend Game"と"夏の幻"は秀逸。

A1 - Vermilion

A2 - Weekend Game

A4 - 夏の幻

B1 - 摩天楼物語

B4 - フィナーレ