Jimmy Barkan – Love In Your Life

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Label:Decco – LP No. 7


Used LP 1977

Disc:VG+ (goos shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear, not bad condition) 

Private album in 1977 by SSW Jimmy Barkan, who may have been active in Pittsburgh, USA. There are traces that seem to be a cover album, but the details are unknown. The entire album contains AOR - soft rock - ballad songs typical of this era. Starting with the mellow synth ballad "Love In Your Life",  also includes the breathy AOR tune "I Think I Love You", the pensive atmosphere "Isn't It A Shame", the soulful number "You Make It Look So Easy" and the last track "Do It" a disco-type tune that runs over 10 minutes. The wet sound quality is also excellent.

アメリカ・ピッツバーグで活動していたと思われるSSW Jimmy Barkanによる77年の自主制作盤。カバーアルバムらしい痕跡はありますが詳細は不明。全編にこの時代らしいAOR~ソフトロック~バラード曲を収録。タイトルにもなっているメロウ・シンセ・バラード”Love In Your Life”に始まり、ブリージンなAORチューン”I Think I Love You”、ペンシブな雰囲気の”Isn't It A Shame”、ソウルフルなナンバー”You Make It Look So Easy”、ラストの10分超えのディスコ調の”Do It”など良曲入ってます。ウェットな音質も秀逸。

A2 - I Think I Love You

A3 - Isn't It A Shame

A6 - You're The Song

B1 - All The Time

B2 - Give It Hell

B3 - Do It