Jeffmajors ‎– For Us All (Yoka Boka)

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Label:Glass Wing


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (slight chittering surface noise at some part,totally nice shape)

Jacket:VG+ (right wrinkle/crease, totally good condition)

Jeff Majors, a harpist / jazz musician from Washington who is also known to have studied under Alice Coltrane, has been active in the major field since the 90's, but this is probably a debut work in 1986. Inspired by a trip to Zambia in West Africa, this masterpiece was created using his own harp, drum machine, synthesizer and African percussion. The whole is a spiritually spun sound created with the vision of jazz cosmic orientation and devotional, the sublime and psychedelic develipment opening track "Yasmeen" and George Gershwin's arrangement of "Summertime" are both excellent of course but the tunes such as "Chant", "Nomad", "Room 400" are also quality. Released on the independent Glass Wing label, which also catalogues Circus Underwater. Original.

アリスコルトレーンに師事していた事でも知られるワシントン州出身のハープ奏者/ジャズミュージシャンJeff Majors、90年代からはメジャーのフィールドでも活躍を広げていますがこちらは86年のおそらくデヴュー作。西アフリカのザンビアへの旅でのインスパイアから制作された作品で自身のハープ、ドラムマシーン、シンセサイザー、アフリカンパーカッションを用いて描かれた傑作。ジャズの宇宙的志向や信仰心のヴィジョンを持って作られたスピリチュアルに紡ぎ出された音が全体を包んでいます、冒頭の崇高的でサイケデリックな展開を持ち合わせた”Yasmeen”やGeorge Gershwinのアレンジとなる”Summertime”の両曲が勿論素晴らしいですが"Chant","Nomad","Room 400"などの楽曲もお見逃しなく。Circus Underwaterもカタログされている自主レーベルGlass Wingからのリリース。オリジナル。

A1 - Yasmeen

A2 - Chant

B1 - Summertime

B2 - Nomad

B3 - Room 400