Jean-Charles Capon - L'Univers-Solitude

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Label:Saravah – SH 10 008


Used LP 1972

Disc:VG+ (good shape, feel slight surface noise at mainly quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (good condition)

First solo album by Jean-Charles Capon, cellist of the Baroque Jazz Trio, one of the monster bands of Saravah, France. Improvisation, minimal, Afro, avant-garde, ethno, experimental, and other elements come together in 10 tracks that are impossible to describe in a single word, with percussionist Pierre Favre's dense/wild rhythm patterns and gongs improvising on the cello. Experimental tunes with layers of improvisation are surely amazing, and the goodness comes slowly in the avant-type tune brought by the silence that seems to explore the thrill of the moment. Just impressive. Original.

仏Saravahの怪物バンドのひとつBaroque Jazz TrioのチェリストJean-Charles Caponのソロファーストアルバム。即興、ミニマル、アフロ、アヴァンギャルド、エスノ、エクスペリメンタル等の要素が混在となった一言で表すことは不可能な、パーカッショ二ストPierre Favreの緻密かつワイルドなゴングやリズムパターンにチェロが即興的に絡む全10曲を収録。2人の即興が重なる実験ジャズ曲ももちろんいいんですが、静寂とスリルを探求したようなアヴァン調の楽曲も響いてきます。控えめに言ってもヤバいです。オリジナル。

A1 - Changez A Strasbourg-St Denis

A2 - Lamento Du Bidonville

B1 - La Pause Café

B2 - Sommeil Urbain

B3 - Rêve D'Oasis

B4 - Tout Seul (Percussions)

B5 - Perdu Dans La Cité