Jards Macalé - S.T.

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Label:Philips ‎– 6349.045


Used LP 1972

Disc:VG+ (super light surface noise at quiet part as vintage latin record,totally great shape except B2 has scratch affect sound(please check audio sample), key tracks such a A2,A4,B3,B4 are great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (Covered with a plastic cover,has light scrub/wear, writing on left upper back part, totally nice condition)

Jards Macalé, who is not only a multi-instrumentalist of tropical music but also an actor, produced this album in 1974 with the reunion session in London with Gal Costa, Maria Bethânia and Clara Nunes who were expelled from Brazil at that time. It is one of the most important albums in the history of Brazilian music. First of all,  A2 "Revendo Amigos," a stoic session that draws comparisons to Tom Zé, followed nby the psychedelic groove of A4 "78 Rotações" and the highlight B3 "Let's Play That, a series of wonderful moments across folk, psychedelic and tropical.

トロピカル派のマルチミュージシャン以外にも俳優などの面も持つJards Macaléが当時ブラジルを追放されていたGal Costa,Maria Bethânia,Clara Nunesとのロンドンでの再会・セッションを携え制作されたと言われる74年の彼の初作にしてブラジル音楽史に刻まれる一枚。まずはTom Zéとの比較も納得のストイックなセッションを記録したA2”Revendo Amigos”,サイケグルーヴ漲るA4”78 Rotações”,ハイライトのB3”Let's Play That”などフォーク、サイケロック、トロピカルを横断する素晴らしい瞬間の連続。

A1 - Farinha Do Desprezo

A2b - Revendo Amigos (Volto Prá Curtir)

A4 - 78 Rotações

B2 - Meu Amor Me Agarra E Geme E Treme E Chora E Mata (scratch)

B3 - Let's Play That

B4a - Farrapo Humano