Jaime Roos – Mediocampo

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Used LP 1984

Disc:VG (looks like it has only some hairline, but skip occurs when playing A3/A5/B2/B3 tracks, probably record has some minor scratches, label has writing)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wear) w/insert

Uruguay's leading songwriter Jaime Roos's 1984 album. We think it's one of his best works, with Hugo Fattoruso's full participation as a kind of co-writer, and it includes "Pirucho" with candombes, acidic electronic sounds, and psychedelic whispering vocals. This tune is best. Other highlights include "Nunca Fuiste Al Cin," a musica Uruguaiyo with a unique rhythm and obscure atmosphere, "Si Piensas En Mí," a beautiful folky track featuring female vocals (Mariana Ingold and others), and "Luces En El Calabró," a quality fusion track. Orfeo original with an insert containing many valuable photos. It looks pretty good, but some tracks have skips. Key tracks B4/A4 could be played back in our setting without any problems.

ウルグアイを代表するソングライターJaime Roosの84年作。Hugo Fattorusoが共作の様な形で全面参加した彼の最高傑作の一つにあげたい作品で、カンドンベ、アシッディな電子音、サイケデリックに囁くようなヴォーカルが絡む”Pirucho”を収録。この曲はヤバいです。他にもオブスキュア雰囲気な独特のリズムのムジカ・ウルグアイヨ”Nunca Fuiste Al Cin"、女性ヴォーカルをフィーチャーした美しいフォーキーな”Si Piensas En Mí”、上質なフュージョン・トラック”Luces En El Calabró”など聴き所満載。貴重な写真が沢山載ったインサート付きのOrfeoオリジナル。見た目は概ね平気に見えるのですが、いくつかのトラックにてスキップが見当たります。キートラックB4/A4はこちらの環境では問題なく再生は可能でした。ご注意くださいます様お願いします。

A3 - Luces En El Calabró (scratch/skip)

A4 - Si Piensas En Mí (plays ok)

A5 - Tal Vez Cheché (scratch part)

B2 - Nunca Fuiste Al Cin  (scratch/skip)

B4 - Pirucho (plays ok)