Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh – Desires

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Label:Weston – WLPB 2802


Used LP 1989

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Released in 1989 by the husband-and-wife duo of Jagjit Singh, an Indian musician who is a composer as well as a ghazal singer, and his wife Chitra Singh, also a ghazal singer. The entire album features ethno folk type sound, reciting poems by various writers with tabla, sitar, synths, etc. Among the highlights are A2 "Abke Baras Bhi Woh" which reminds one of the talented Greek singer Savina Giannatou, and rich Indian classical tune B2 "Jab Naam Tera Pyar Se". It's sung elegantly, and at the same time, the melody structure that doesn't become one-sided is also well-crafted, which gives a good impression. In the following year, thier son died in an accident, and it seems that the duo's activities will be the last around this time.

古典詩を朗唱する様式の一つであるガザルの歌い手に加え作曲家の顔を持つインド人音楽家Jagjit Singhとその彼の妻でもあるガザル歌手Chitra Singhの夫婦デュオによる89年作。タブラ、シタール、シンセ等を効かせながら様々な作家の詩を朗読するエスノ・フォーク的サウンドを全編に収録。中でもギリシャの異能歌手Savina Giannatouを思い起こさせるA2”Abke Baras Bhi Woh”、豊潤なインディアン・クラシカルを聞かせるB2"Jab Naam Tera Pyar Se"は白眉。優雅に歌われるのと同時に一辺倒にならないメロディ構成もよく練られているのも好感が持てます。翌年に息子を不慮の事故で亡くし夫婦での活動はこの頃が最後となるようです。

A2 - Abke Baras Bhi Woh

A3 - Gulshan Ki Faqat

A4 - Kanton Ki Chubhan

B1 - Ye Kaisi Mohabbat

B2 - Jab Naam Tera Pyar Se