It ‎– Viaje

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Label:Survival Research ‎– SVVRCH004


LP Reissue 2019


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Eduardo Polonio has been active in the Spanish electronic music scene since the 60's and has left behind many masterpieces and the Argentinean electronic musician Horacio Vaggione, released as "It"in 1976, it works full of creative impulse. The A side is psychedelic, but the contents of the masterpiece that electronic vortices fly around that seems to fit comfortably in modern scenes. The B side is the beginning where the sound of a stringed instrument like a koto and the improvisation of electronic sound overlap and do not miss the part in the middle of the tune where the electronic sounds pulse through the air. 

60年代からスペイン電子音楽界隈で活動し数多くの名作を残すEduardo Polonioとアルゼンチン出身の電子音楽家Horacio Vaggioneの二人Itが76年に発表した創作衝動みなぎる作品。A面はサイケデリックでいながら現代のシーンにも違和感なくフィットしそうな電子の渦が飛び交う圧巻の内容。B面は琴のような弦楽器の音と電子音の即興が重なる冒頭や中盤の電子音がパルスのように飛び交うパートも見逃せません。

A1 sample 1

A1 sample 2

A2 - 2º

B sample 1

B sample 2

※Sample from orginal record