Inés O'Connor - El Poeta Murió Al Amanecer

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Label:Peperina Discos 


Used LP 1991

Disc:VG+ (beggining part of disc has little noisey, feel slight surface noise at mainly quiet part, good category overall)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wears, not bad condition as latin sleeve)

Probably the second self-released album by Argentinian singer Inés O'Connor. A number of beautiful songs with emotional vocals reminiscent of Silvia Iriondo and modern arrangements that incorporate traditional Argentine rhythms. This is simply wonderful new discovery.

アルゼンチンの異能歌手Inés O'Connorが自主制作にてリリースしたおそらくセカンドアルバム。Silvia Iriondoあたりを思わせる情緒的なヴォーカルに伝統的なアルゼンチンのリズムを多分に盛り込んだモダンアレンジが彩られた美しい曲の数々。新発見の素晴らしい作品です。

A2 - Madurando sueños

A3 - Cardo y ceniza

A4 - Zamba como las de antes

A5 - Dirigible

B3 - El poeta murio al amanecer

B6 - Zamba por la Natalia Xenón