Ikue Asazaki,Tetsuichi Watari = 朝崎郁恵, 渡哲一 ‎– The Masterpieces of Ikue Asazaki = 朝崎郁恵傑作集 -奄美島唄集‎-

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Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (ultra light surface noise, totally looks good and great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (only super slight wear,very clean) w/obi,insert 

Ikue Asazaki has been active since the 1950s, and is known as the leading figure in the transmission of Amami Oshima's southern island folk song. In recent years, she has been reappraised together with the Ainu singer Umeko Ando, and this is a collection of masterpieces from record released in 1982. In addition to the representative song Yoisura Bushi, include good tunes such a B1/A4/A2 and joined on the Shamisen master Tetsuichi Watari, who has worked with her for many years.

1950年代より活動する奄美大島南部の島唄伝承の第一人者として知られる朝崎郁恵。近年ではアイヌの歌手 安東ウメ子と共に再評価されていますが、こちらは82年にリリースされていた貴重なレコードによる傑作集。代表曲よいすら節の他にもB1/A4/A2などこぶしや裏声の効いた歌声に三味線では彼女と共に長い活動歴を持つ渡哲一が参加して聞き所満載。

A2 - 黒だんど節

A4 - 糸操り節

A6 - よいすら節

B1 - 長雲節