Hye Eun-Yi = 혜은이 – Vol.11

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Label:Hyundai Records – FS-801220

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (wears/strain on back, not bad condition)

1980 album by Korean singer Hye Eun-Yi. She was greatly known for 1982 album including obscure tunes that became popular among freaks a few years ago, this album also includes a wide range of ballad, funk, disco. The A-side is mainly Kayo-oriented, while the B-side is mainly funk/disco style. Especially obscure funk "쓸쓸한 빛" and Blondie's Hangul cover "불러줘요" are killer. Side A isn't bad either.

韓国人シンガーHye Eun-Yiによる80年作。数年前にフリークスに広まったオブスキュア・チューン含む82年作で大きく知られましたが、本作でもバラード~歌謡ファンク~ディスコまで幅広く収録。A面の歌謡テイスト中心、B面にはファンク/ディスコ中心の構成。とりわけオブスキュア・ファンク”쓸쓸한 빛”、Blondieのハングル語カバー”불러줘요”はキラー。A面も悪くないです。

A2 - 가지말어

A3 - 

A5 - 바람따라

B1 - 당신과 나

B2 - 쓸쓸한 빛

B4 - 불러줘요