Hye Eun-Yi = 혜은이 - 내 작은 입술에

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Label:Sun Records – TYL-1008

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (good condition) w/insert

Korean singer Hye Eun-Yi, who gained tremendous popularity for her beauty and singing ability. This is one of her most well-known albums in 1980, including killer boogie funk "천국은 나의것," which has an addictive wired groove, in addition obscure-like mellow funk "찻집의 오후", synth funk "눈물나게 그리워" with a fast and furious development, disc0 funk "현실로 이루어진 꿈" with acidic rhythm work and soft synths. It's been a long time in stock and still excellent funk numbers in. 

その美貌と歌唱力で絶大な人気を得たコリアンシンガーHye Eun-Yiによる80年作。彼女の作品群の中でもひときわ知られた一枚で、クセになるワイヤードなグルーヴを放つブギー・ファンク”천국은 나의것”が中でもピカイチ、他にもオブスキュア調なメロウ・ファンク”찻집의 오후”、緩急をつけた展開のシンセファンク”눈물나게 그리워”、アシッディーなリズムワークに柔らかなシンセが香るディスク・ファンク”현실로 이루어진 꿈”などファンクナンバーが出色。久々の入荷ですが、やっぱりいいですね。

A2 - 눈물나게 그리워

A4 - 찻집의 오후

A5 - 천국은 나의것

B3 - 현실로 이루어진 꿈