Horoscope Sounds -Anniversary Version- 星の力があなたを変える アニバーサリー編

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Label:Green Energy


Used CD 1993

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An outsider writer Henry Kawahara. This is a CD work in 1993 that challenged to make  sound of the horoscope, which Kawahara was in charge of music under the same producer as "Spell" and "Melody" to convey feelings telepathically. Inspired by words from the stars, such as Tanabata (The celebration of July 7, when in Japan, if you make a wish, it is believed to come true), Christmas, Valentine's Day, and spiritual sounds imagining the near future in the 21st century, where humanity was thought to be extinct.


T1 - 七夕

T2 - クリスマス

T3 - セントバレンタインデイ

T4 - ハルマゲドンを超えて

T7 - 2001年のクリスマス