Horace Andy ‎– Rock With Me / Stop The Fuss

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Label:Wackie's ‎– Wackie's-976


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Roots reggae songwriter/singer Horace Andy, who is still loved by many people for his beautiful singing voice. This work is a 12-inch single that is presumed to have been released at the same time as one of his best piece "Dance Hall Style" announced by the prestigious Wackie's label after he moved to NY. The A-side features "Rock With Me," a dope blend of electronic sounds and vocals not included on the album, and the B-side is a roots reggae number with a beautiful falsetto, "Stop The Fuss". Both sides are killer, and are known as Wackie's masterpiece.

その美しい歌声で現在も多くの人々に愛されるルーツレゲエ ソングライター/シンガーHorace Andy。本作は彼がNYに移住してから名門Wackie'sより発表された名作”Dance Hall Style”と同時期にリリースされたと推測される12インチ。A面には電子音が鳴りながらヴォーカルがドープに溶け合ったアルバムには未収録の”Rock With Me”、B面にも美しいファルセットが印象的なルーツナンバー”Stop The Fuss”を収録。両面キラー。Wackie'sの名作として知られています。

A - Rock With Me

B - Stop The Fuss