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Label:Trash – TRSH-1003


Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (good shape

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs/white scrubs, small sticker on back)

Only 1980 album under the name Honma Express by Kanji Honma, a key person who is secretly known as the producer of TPO 1 (under a different name) and is still connected with Takumi Iwasaki. The album features a lot of synthesizer-based elelepop/synthpop, including the classic "What The Magic Is To Try". The electronic dreamy pop of "Crazy Dream" and the cosmic-like "Child Of Fortune" are also worthy of note. Pre-TPO sound that feels amazing quality.

TPO 1のプロデューサーとしても密かに知られ(別名義)岩崎工とも現在もコネクトしているというキーパーソンHonma Expressこと本間柑治が手掛けた当名義では唯一となる80年作。代表曲”What The Magic Is To Try”を筆頭に多くのシンセサイザーを用いたエレポップ/シンセポップを収録。電子ドリーミーポップ”Crazy Dream”、コズミック風な”Child Of Fortune”にも注目したいです。驚異のクオリティを感じるプレTPOサウンド。

A1 - Unit Cohesion Index

A2 - What The Magic Is To Try

B1 - Spasmodical

B2 - Crazy Dream

B3 - Child Of Fortune