Hitomi Ueda = 植田ひとみ – 人生はカルナバル

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Label:Express – ETP-72253


Used LP 1977

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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An album in 1977 by Hitomi Ueda, who is also known as a vocalist of Toshiyuki Miyama's New Hard and is evaluated for her vocal to express Saudage. With Akira Miyazawa, Kiyoshi Sugimoto, and Akira Ishikawa as back musicians, in addition to the popular tunes "Samba of Others", "Life is Carnaval", Samba Kayo style "Drunk Samba", "In the Orange Village", Martinho Da Vila's cover "Love in May" are also recommended. and other songs that are very tasty throughout. It is a masterpiece of Japanese salsa / bossa. The tunes are full of flavor throughout. It's known as a master work of Japanese Salsa/Bossa.

宮間利之ニューハードのヴォーカリストとしても知られ、サウダージを表現する歌唱力も評価される植田ひとみによる77年作。宮沢昭,杉本喜代志,石川晶のバックミュージシャンを背に人気曲”他人同志のサンバ”,”人生はカルナバル”に加え、歌謡サンバ”酔いどれサンバ”,"オレンジの村で"、サウダージ溢れるMartinho Da Vilaのカバー”愛を五月に”など全体を通して味わい深い曲ばかり。和サルサ/ボッサの名作です。

A3 - 酔いどれサンバ

A5 - オレンジの村で

A6 - 人生はカルナバル

B2 - 愛を5月に