Hiroshi Yoshimura – Flora 1987

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Label:PREM Promotion – PRY-0071


Used CD 2006

Disc:VG++ (plays fine)

Jacket:VG++ (clean) w/obi,insert

An unreleased sound source produced in 1987 by environmental music writer Hiroshi Yoshimura, who passed away in 2003. The songs have pop and sweet sound that is different from the works of those days, and the synth pad that shows the beautiful pink color of the jacket gently sways, and the attractive sound that reminds us of rich melody, uplifting feeling, and melancholy. It seems to be a work that he made after seeing various natural landscapes and plants and going out, and the sound that feels autumn with warm sunlight is also nice.

2003年に逝去した環境音楽作家 吉村弘が87年に制作した未発表音源。どこかこの頃の作品とは違うポップで甘美な響きを持った楽曲中心で、ジャケットの美しいピンク色を示すようなシンセパッドが優しく揺れ、豊かなメロディ、高揚感、哀愁を思い起こさせる魅力的なサウンドが広がっています。様々な自然の風景や植物を見たり、外に出たりした後に制作した作品のようで、暖かな日差しが残る秋を感じるような響きもまたグッときます。

T1 - Over The Clover

T2 - Flora

T9 - Kasumi

T10 - Silence