Hiromoto Tobisawa,Manabu Ohishi = ‎飛澤宏元,大石学 – Transit On The Wind

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Label:Interface - Series: Sound Museum Series – 3


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (super light surface noise as quiet record, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (has brown wear) w/obi,insert

’86 collaboration release between keyboardist Manabu Oishi and composer Hiromoto Tobisawa, which was left over from the Sound Museum Series, a new age series that has featured such artists as Keiichi Oku and Masashi Kawasome. With the theme of wind, the piano, wood bass, and stringed instruments were combined with electronics to create a more expressive new age sound. The two songs on the B-side are particularly excellent.

奥慶一や川染まさ史などが参加してきたニューエイジ・シリーズ”Sound Museum Series”に残された鍵盤奏者 大石学と作曲家 飛澤宏元による86年の共作。風をテーマにピアノ、ウッドベース、弦楽器の演奏にエレクトロニクスが導入され更に表現豊かなニューエイジサウンドが描かれています。特にB面の2曲が秀逸。

A1 - Winds On The Opal Hills

A3 - The Wind... S.S.W.

B1 - Wind On Coast Line

B4 - Glittering Green