Hiroka Matsuda = 松田紘佳 ‎– Image Album - Kuro No Homura - = 黒の炎 オリジナルイメージアルバム

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Label:Studio Grief


Used LP 1987

Disc:NM (looks unplayed)

Jacket:NM (clean copy) 

Image album that seems to have been released in private of the comic "Kuro No Homura" by Hiroka Matsuda, which was serialized in the 80s. Performed, arranged, etc., by the author himself, so complete that it is strange not to hear his name in the music world. It has a fantastic sound, but it also has a great sound for new age/ambient music, such as the quality-filled A2/A3/B4 and the magnificent B1.


A2 - 市場 ~ グノオ

A3 - 重い眠り ~ シャウティ

B1 - 追跡行

B4 - 帰還