Heretic – Interface

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Label:Sound Of Poppy Inc (Private) – JHWH-1002


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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Heretic's self-produced first album, formed by Hirofumi Kawahara, who is well known for his activities with Osiris, along with Toru Ota and Taku Mori. The entire project is divided into three parts, particularly both of B side that lyrical atmosphere is followed by a beautiful middle section with drums, melodic guitars and keyboards, and then descends into darkness with synths on "Interface Part 2", cosmic style electronics-new age tune "El Rayo De Luna” are amazing. On the other A-side includes "Interface Part 1", which combines 24 minutes of experimental, improvisation, progressive rock. The sound is filled with their philosophy, spirit, attitude.

Osirisの活動でも大きく知られる河原博文が太田亨、森卓と共に結成したHereticの自主制作ファーストアルバム。全体で3パートに別れた構成となっていて、叙情的な雰囲気からドラム、メロディアスなギター、キーボードの美しい中盤、シンセサウンドと共にダークに墜ちていく”Interface Part2”、宇宙的なエレクトロニクス~ドローン~ニューエイジを展開した”Excerpts From "El Rayo De Luna”のB面2曲が秀逸。対するA面にも24分に及ぶエクスペリメンタル、インプロビゼーション、プログレなどを組み合わせた”Interface Part1”を収録。隅々まで彼らの哲学、精神、姿勢が宿ったような音が収められています。素晴らしい。

A - Interface Part 1

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

B1 - Interface Part 2

Sample 1

Sample 2

B2 - Excerpts From "El Rayo De Luna"

Sample 1

Sample 2