Haruomi Hosono = 細野晴臣 ‎– The Endless Talking

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Label: Baidis ‎– TECN-15340


Used CD 1996

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Haruomi Hosono produced for the ``Japan Avant-garde of the Future Exhibition '' held in Genoa, Italy in 1985,one of the invited artists including Tadanori Yokoo,Nagisa Oshima,etc. This is one of all four stuffs called "Kankou Music" by Hosono himself.It seems that different music composed by Hosono composed on the built-in tape flows from 13 different objects produced in collaboration with the Milanese designer team `` Atelier Archimia '', music always plays unless turned off Most songs have been shortened to about 3 minutes because of the use of "endless tape" which continues to be the origin of the title "endless talking". At the end of the episode written on the insert, it's raining at sunset, it melts into the singing of birds and cats and hears the sound flowing from the sculpture like a small animal as Potunen, and its endless `` talking '' However, it is sad and humorous, and all 13 songs with ambient and experimental characteristics that are slightly strange but harmonious with nature are marked as strongly impressed by suddenly becoming irritable Included. This is the CD version that was reissued in 1996.


T2 - The Animal's Opinion

T5 - The First One In Heaven

T12 - Birdoj