Haruomi Hosono = 細野晴臣 ‎– Murasaki Shikibu The Tale Of Genji = 源氏物語

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Label:Epic/Sony ‎– 32・8H-148


Used CD 1987


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As a soundtrack of the animated movie "The Tale of Genji," that Haruomi Hosono is a deep and mysterious work that uses the technique of Gagaku, a music used in festivals on the Korean Peninsula, which is considered to be the root of traditional Japanese music.You can also feel the music sense unique to Hosono where the elements of pop and ethno can be seen and hidden somewhere. It is definitely one of the best soundtracks in Japan. T3/T9 in particular are breathtaking. Great soundtrack.


T2 - 羅城門 (Rajyoumon)

T3 - 藤壺 (Fujitsubo)

T7 - 浮橋 (Ukihashi)

T9 - 五月雨 - 護摩 - 祈祷 (Samidare - Goma - Kitou)