Guy Pedersen ‎– Contrebasses

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Label:Tele Music


Used LP 1970 Later issue with different Tele Music logo.



Guy Pedersen, who has been active in France for many years as a backer for Baden Powell and Dexter Gordon, released this album from the library's prestigious Tele Music in 1970. It is one of the most outstanding contents in Tele Music works that combine bass chords and obscure sound sensations that are likely to be used for sampling such as Soul / Funk.

Baden PowellやDexter Gordonのバックを務めるなど長年フランスで活躍してきたGuy Pedersenがライブラリー名門Tele Musicから70年にリリースした一枚。Soul/Funkなどのサンプリングに用いられそうなベースコードとオブスキュアな音感覚が融合した数あるTele Music作品でも指折りの内容。フランスのライブラリーは果てしない…

A1 - Indian Pop Bass

A6 - Percussion Bass

B1 - Les Copains De La Basse

B4 - Bass After Love