Grupo Medusa - S.T.

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Label:Som Da Gente


Used LP 1981 Gatefold version

Disc:VG+ (light back/chirping noise at some part, totally plays good)

Jacket:VG+ (some scuff/wrinkle/wear, promo stamp on, strongly not bad condition)

Grupo Medusa's first album was released in 1981 and was formed by a group of talented members including Chico Medori, a brilliant Brazilian drummer who has produced impressive albums like a Claudia and participated in disco albums by Signus - Black Hole, Claudio Bertrami who participated in Projeto III and Gal Costa's work, Heraldo Do Monte from Hermeto Pascoal E Grupo. Sounds variety of Brazilian groove with strenge essence such as A1 a mellow fusion with various arrangements, B1 that reminiscent of Hermeto Pascoal's groove and B2 fusion track with a strangeness.

Claudiaなどの印象的な作品のプロデュースやSignus ‎– Black Holeなどのディスコ作品にも参加する奇才ブラジル人ドラマーChico Medori、Projeto IIIやGal Costa等の作品に参加するClaudio Bertrami、Hermeto Pascoal E GrupoのメンバーHeraldo Do Monte等の敏腕メンバーで形成されるGrupo Medusaの81年のファーストアルバム。A1の多彩なアレンジのメロウフュージョン、Hermeto Pascoalのグルーヴ感を彷彿とさせるB1、ストレンジ調のフュージョン・トラックB2などブラジルらしい多彩なグルーヴにストレンジ的な要素が融合した名作。テクニカルな演奏も魅力のひとつ。

A1 - Baiana

A2 - Zeby

B1 - Pé No Chão

B2 - Asa Delta