Grupo Los Yoyi – Yoyi

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Label:Black Pearl Records – BPR003LP


Used LP 2012

Disc:VG+/VG (Overall, it plays enjoyable, but there are a few places where it is popping from small scratches and pressing, please check long and many audio samples)

Jacket:VG+ (a spot on the right side of fron side where the label seems to have peeled off)

The only work by Grupo Los Yoyi, led by bassist/keyboardist Jorge Soler León, who is one of Cuban music's most well-known album, but still shrouded in mystery. Based on funk, disco, Afro-Cuban, the band's sound is truly magical, with thrilling developments, twisting arrangements, and spicy, psychedelic grooves in perfect harmony. Just amazing throughout, particularly recommend to start from T7/T9/T2. This is an authorized reissue limited to 500 copies from Germany in 2012, which is also becoming hard to fine. Sound quality is also excellent. Overall, it plays enjoyable, but there are a few places where it is popping. Please check many long audio samples. 

キューバン・ミュージック屈指の知名度を誇る作品ながら未だに多くの謎に満ちたベース奏者/鍵盤奏者Jorge Soler Leónが率いたGrupo Los Yoyiの唯一作。ファンク、ディスコ、アフロ・キューバン等をベースにしながらスリリングな展開、捻りの効いたアレンジ、スペイシーかつサイケデリックなグルーヴが完璧に調和したまさにマジカルなサウンド。どれも最高ですがB2/A2/A4などからどうぞ。こちらも稀少となっている2012年にドイツから500枚限定の正規復刻盤です。全体的に良好な部類ですが薄い小傷のようなところでプツっとなる箇所が何箇所かあります。視聴多めに録ってありますのでチェックしてみてください。

A1 - Banana

A2 - Del Copacabana A 34

A4 - Paco La Calle

A5 - Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar

B1 - Yo, Mejor Te Doy

B2 - Ruta 30

B3 - Abuela Tula

B4 - El Fino