Grupo Korin Nagô ‎– Shiré Orishás Édé Yoruba

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Used LP 1974

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (has age wear,scrubs,little break,please make sure photos)


Many slaves were sent to Brazil and North, Central and South America during the slave trade between West Africa and Brazil in the 16th century, and religions and cultures in Africa were banned from countries that had colonial rule but did not bow down, as a result, various African cultures are rooted in Brazil.Here is a heritage one whose people who have roots in Africa living in Salvador, Brazil recorded a song of remorse and suffering for the distant homeland in Yoruba in 1974.Among them, the B side is particularly wonderful, and the sound like a horn is mixed with the drumming of the Afro corps and the heat is heated up “Nãnã”, the “Yemanja” of the afrobeat and the regular Afro beat of the male and female, the wind instrument at the beginning of the A side and the female vocals Session “Ogun”.


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