Grupo De Improvisacion Tercer Mundo With Jorge Mancini / Marcelo Peralta / Victor Da Cunha / Mariana Potenza – Un Hilo De Luz

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Label:Melopea Discos – DM 014


Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+ (good shape, feel slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (some scratche parts on back, light wrinkles/scuffs, not bad condition) 

1989 release album by Grupo De Improvisacion Tercer Mundo, a jazz quartet formed by four members who have been exploring improvisation as can be inferred from the group's name. The content is a kind of regressive free jazz that connects improvisational experimentation and folklore like ARFI and GRIM. Total impressive 5 tunes includes folkloric free jazz tune "Bajo El Sol Del Sur" with the sounds of traditional instruments such as Ocarina and Pinkillu, "Almas Liberadas" a beautifully developed tune that features a variety of melodies typical of Argentina, "Un Hilo De Luz," a tribute to Pharoah Sanders that seems to combine the spirit of folklore and spiritual jazz. A very rare free jazz piece for Melopea and as always, admire Litto Nebbia's musical exploration. Incredible.

グループ名からも推測できる即興演奏を探求してきた4人で結成されたジャスカルテットGrupo De Improvisacion Tercer Mundoによる89年作。ARFIやGRIMのように即興実験とフォルクローレを結ぶ回帰性フリージャズのような作風。オカリナ、ピンキル等の伝統楽器の音色を交えた民族的フリージャズ”Bajo El Sol Del Sur”、アルゼンチンらしい旋律を随所に交えながら美しい展開を見せる”Almas Liberadas"、フォルクローレ精神とスピリチュアルジャズが結びついたようなPharoah Sandersへのオマージュ”Un Hilo De Luz”を含む濃密な全5曲。Melopeaでも非常に珍しいフリージャズ作品と同時にLitto Nebbiaの音楽探求心にもいつもながら頭が下がります。

A1 - Improvisación Sobre Baguala

A2 - Bajo El Sol Del Sur

B1 - Almas Liberadas

B3 - Un Hilo De Luz