Gonzalez Mikami & Titi Matsumura = ゴンザレス三上&チチ松村 - Another Mood ‎

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Label:Casablanca /Polystar


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (clean) w/obi integrated insert (slight wrinkle and wear, totally nice condition)

The first album by Gontiti, an acoustic guitar duo consisting of Gonzalez Mikami and Chichi Matsumura, who are still very active. Perhaps because it was released about five years after the band's formation in 1978, its sound was already complete, and the synthesizers of Masaya Matsuura, a close ally of the band, came together to create a lineup of songs that immediately brought to mind the words relaxin and Balearic. A1/A2/B2 are great in our ear but this is a high quality album that seems to change its expression depending on the person.


A1 - ニッケルダンス

A2 - キャナルチューン

A4 - 帰ってきた息子

B2 - 眠りの島

B5 - 支那子