Glória Latini – Natura

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Label:Niterói Discos – ND 013


Used LP 1992

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise at silent part)

Jacket:VG+ (autographed on back, some stain, totally not bad condition) w/insert

Brazilian singer/guitarist Glória Latini's 1992 album. The release from Niterói Discos which has released great ones such as Tião Neto, Veríssimo, and features Zé Neto, who has also released work there, and Otavio Castro, who participated in masterful Swiss Brazilian LP "El Calefón - Salir Del Agujero". As the title suggests, it's a organic taste folkloric/MPB work with touch of new age and ambient feel. Total of six tracks, including opening track "Natura" with a blend of traditional melody work and highly penetrating vocals, delicate and mellow folky tune "Sweet", amazing jazzy pop type tune "Além do Jardim", MPB tune "Feeling Tonight" that floats with a soft melody while taking a variety of turns. Just brilliant. Perfect for coming autumn season.

ブラジリアンシンガー/ギタリストGlória Latiniの92年作。リリースはTião NetoやVeríssimo等の良作を残すNiterói Discosから、そちらでも作品を残すZé Netoやスイス産ブラジル傑作”El Calefón ‎– Salir Del Agujero”にも参加するOtavio Castroがバックを担当。タイトルからもわかるようにニューエイジやアンビエントの風合いも感じさせるフォークロワ/MPB作品。トラッドな香り漂うメロディ・ワークと浸透度の高いヴォーカルの織り成す冒頭”Natura”、繊細でまろやかなフォーク・チューン”Sweet”、極上のジャジー・ポップ”Além do Jardim”、様々な展開で魅せながら柔らかな旋律が浮遊するMPB”Feeling Tonight”を筆頭にした全6曲。これは最高です。

A1 - Natura

A2 - Sweet

A3 - Arrepia

B1 - Feeling Tonight

B2 - Além do Jardim

B3 - A Espera