Giovanni Venosta – Olympic Signals

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Label:Raw Material – RM 002


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise as minimal/quiet record)

Jacket:VG+/VG (tear part on top, rest of parts are good condition) w/insert (autographed)

Italian pianist Giovanni Venosta's first album, released when he was 23 years old. Subtitled "Improbable Music For People Who Aren't Very Disposed". The album is a subversive parody of minimalism, a work that explores the future of minimalism. Giovanni Venosta's piano tone is fused with electronics, ethnic, acoustic sound by Roberto Musci whom they will continue to collaborate, to create nine tracks that are more obscurity and deeper. Total amazing contents, particularly "Jelly Ground" with its layers of electronic sounds,  "Tango But" that transforms from homemade music to avant-garde style, "Olympic Theme" that goes from minimal piano to synths towards the end, ”Woman In Late”, "Classic Comes Out" both inspired by ethnic music with Roberto Musci, are outstanding. It's even more interesting to listen it from the aspect of world music. Original in beautiful condition.

イタリア人ピアニストGiovanni Venostaが23歳の時に発表したファーストアルバム。サブタイトル"不器用な人のためのありえない音楽"。ミニマリズムの破壊的パロディとも評されるミニマルの先を模索した様な作品となっていて、打ち込まれるピアノに、これ以後コラボレーションを続けていくRoberto Musciによるエレクトロニクス、民族音楽、音響等が融合しより難解かつ深みを増した全9曲。どの曲も凄いですが電子音を重ねた”Jelly Ground”、ホームメイドミュージックからアヴァンギャルドに変容していく”Tango But”、ミニマルなピアノからシンセ音が差し込まれる終盤へ向かっていく”Olympic Theme”、Roberto Musciが参加した民族音楽をインスパイアした”Woman In Late”, "Classic Comes Out"は圧巻。ワールドミュージックの側面から聞くと一層面白味を感じますね。Roberto Musciの自主レーベルからのオリジナル美盤。

A1 - Jelly Ground

A2 - Woman In Late

A3 - Five, Sweet 5

A4 - Tango But

A5 - Classic Comes Out

B1 - Olympic Theme

B3 - Piano Piece N°3