Giampiero Boneschi – A New Sensation In Sound Vol. 3

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Label:CAM – CmL 067

Used LP 1974

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears, not bad conditon) w/inner sleeve

An abstract piece from the Italian CAM label famous for its familiar logo. It's from Ita lian master composer Giampiero Boneschi in 1974 and total amazing group of tunes full of ideas and experiments, particularly recommended for B2/A2/A1/B4. It may be a good introduction to many works (in terms of price).

お馴染みのロゴで有名なイタリアCAMレーベルからの一枚。イタリアの巨匠作曲家Giampiero Boneschiが手掛けた74年の作品で、ぶっちぎってるアイデアと実験性にあふれた凄い曲群ですが、B2/A2/A1/B4あたり特にオススメ。数ある作品の入門編 (お値段的にも)としてもいいかもしれません。

A1 - A Narrow Passage

A2 - Hornets' Dance

B2 - Limping

B4 - A Proposal