Gert Thrue – Sound Painted Pictures Of Cosmic Love

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Used LP 1977

Disc:EX (dead stock copy, super slight wrapped not affect to sound

Jacket:VG+ (great condition)

1977 release from Denmark by Gert Thrue, whose details are unknown. The album is composed of various keyboard instruments and drums, 18-minute A-side, which expresses a paranoid cosmic view while exuding a freak-out attitude, the B-side has an organic sound and craft rock influences. The cover design and the words on the back also emphasize the mysterious atmosphere of the album. It looks like a piece that has been known to collectors for many years. Amazing.

デンマークから届いた詳細不明のGert Thrueなる人物による77年作。鍵盤楽器各種とドラムによる構成で、フリークアウトぶりを滲ませながら妄想的な宇宙観ぶりを表したような18分に及ぶA面、有機的サウンドやクラフトロックの影響を感じさせるB面の3曲を収録。ジャケットや裏面に記された言葉もミステリアスな空気感を際立たせています。長年コレクターには知られてきた一枚のようです。

A Sample 1

A Sample 2

B1 - Travellin' By Thoughts

B2 - I Play The Body Electronic

B3 - Cepheus