Gerardo Bátiz – Arlequín

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Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+/VG (B2 has scratch affect to sound as click noise (please check audio clip), light surface noise at mainly silent part, totally plays fine and looks clean)

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs on corner/outside of sleeve, slight wears, totally not bad condition as vintage latin sleeve, please check photos)

Gerardo Bátiz, who had made great releases with Cristal and Grupo Isla in the 80's, this is his first release in 1982 under a solo name. The album also features groovy and pensive crossover sound based on Afro-Cuban jazz throughout, and all the tunes are quality, particular "Canto (g.c.p.p.)," an organic jazz tune with Cecilia Engelhardt's emotional singing, "Para Las Cebollas (Una Historia Inconclusa)" which has an avant atmosphere while fascinating with stillness and movement, "Amarillo" with its shimmering indigenous crossover sound, and urban organic fusion "Aguamarina (A Elis Regina)" are standouts. 

80年代に入ってCristal、Grupo Islaと素晴らしいリリースを重ねていたGerardo Bátizがソロ名義にて初めて発表した82年作。この作品でもアフロ・キューバン・ジャズを軸にした軽やかでペンシブなクロスオーヴァーサウンドを全編に収録していて、どの曲も最高ですがCecilia Engelhardtが純情的に歌う有機ジャズ・チューン”Canto (g.c.p.p)”、静と動で魅せながらアヴァンな雰囲気も感じる”Para Las Cebollas (Una Historia Inconclusa)”、揺らめく土着サウンドが鼓動する”Amarillo”、アーバン有機フュージョン”Aguamarina (A Elis Regina)”は白眉。ジャケットが異なるPentagrama初版です。

A1 - Aguamarina (A Elis Regina)

A2 - Para Las Cebollas (Una Historia Inconclusa)

A4 - Ruapango

B2 - Amarillo (include scratch part) 

B3 - Canto (g.c.p.p)