Gene Lawrence – Saturday Night Sunday Morning

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Label:Semp Production – S 006

Country:Trinidad & Tobago

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Disc:VG+/VG (few pressing error point affect to pops, otherwise plays fine, think good category)

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A master piece probably released in the late 1970s by SSW/guitarist Gene Lawrence from Trinidad and Tobago. A superb mellow groove woven with a lively guitar, electric piano, female vocals, etc. Mostly covers of Bacharach, Barry White, more but there are so many wonderful performances that it doesn't matter anymore. The album includes too comfortable Bacharach cover “Close To You”, sweet “Rio Mansanare,” which seems to be a cover of a traditional Trinidadian song, mellow cover of Diana Ross' “Touch Me In The Morning", bossa-like "In The Dew And The Rain” cover of the '39 calypso tune, and Barry White's "Love Theme" a melting highlight. Recommended for those who like Feelin'. 

トリニダード・トバゴのSSW/ギタリストGene Lawrenceによる70年後半辺りのリリースと思われる一枚。小気味いいギター、エレピ、女性ヴォーカル等が織り成す極上のメロウグルーヴ。バカラック、バリー・ホワイトなどのカバー中心ですがもうそんなの関係ないくらいの素晴らしい演奏の連続。心地よすぎるバカラックの”Close To You”、トリニダードの伝統歌のカバーと思われる”Rio Mansanare”、ダイアナロスのスウィートカバー”Touch Me In The Morning”、ボッサライクな39年のカリプソチューンのカバー”In The Dew And The Rain”、ハイライトのとろけるようなバリー・ホワイトの”Love Theme"。抜群。フィーリンなんかが好きな方にもオススメ。是非この夏のお供に。

A1 - Close To You

A2 - Rio Mansanare

A3 - Touch Me In The Morning

A5 - In The Dew And The Rain

B3 - Love Theme

B4 - Wood In The Fire