Gelson Oliveira – Imagem Das Pedras

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Label: Isaec Gravações & Produções


Used LP 1992

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1992 album by SSW/guitarist Gelson Oliveira from Porto Alegre. It is well known for its Brazilian masterpiece "Terra" with drummer Luiz Ewerling released in 1983, however about 10 years later, this work also shows a complete fusion sound. Especially the A2 "Surpresa Metálica", which is irresistible to use synths is wonderful, other recommended tracks include A1 "Pimenta," an urban jazz funk track with trumpet accents, B1 "Salve-se Quem Souber," with its obscure rhythm work, and B5 "O Bom Da Vida," a tropical fusion track. Refinement of the 90s work and exquisite, bouncy drumming also adds to the comfort.

ポルトアレグレ出身のSSW/ギタリストGelson Oliveiraによる92年作。83年発表のドラマーLuiz Ewerlingとの名作”Terra"で大きく知られていますが、それからおよそ10年後のこちらの作品でも非常に完成されたフュージョンサウンドを披露しています。特にシンセ使いがたまらないA2”Surpresa Metálica”がハイライト、その他にもトランペットの音色もアクセントのアーバン・ジャズ・ファンクA1”Pimenta”、オブスキュアなリズムワークもいい塩梅のB1”Salve-se Quem Souber”、トロピカル・フュージョンB5”O Bom Da Vida”などもオススメ。90年代の洗練と絶妙な跳ねるようなドラミングも心地よさを引き立ててます。

A1 - Pimenta

A2 - Surpresa Metálica

A3 - Platina Verde

B1 - Salve-se Quem Souber

B5 - O Bom Da Vida