Gapura – Degung Instrumental

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Label:Soup Records – D903


Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+ (good shape, slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (good condition) w/obi (about 2cm cut on back)

Degung is an Indonesian instrumental music played by a small gamelan group centered around a vertical flute (suling) which have a tone similar to that of the transverse flute and shakuhachi flute that everyone plays at elementary school in Japan, gong instrument (degung), and a double-sided drum (kendang). This is the third in the Indonesian series of Soup Records in Japan, which has introduced music from around the world, and is a collection of recordings by the degung performing group Gapura. The A-side is a collection of their early works, and the B-side is their latest recordings from 1984, which evoke a minimal fusion sound with familiar harmonies. The range of performances and arrangements are well thought out. Lovely insturmental piece.

小学校で誰もが演奏する横笛や尺八に近い音色を持つ縦笛スリン、ゴング楽器ドゥグン、両面太鼓クンダンを中心に小編成ガムランにて演奏されるインドネシアのインストゥルメンタル・ミュージックであるドゥグン。本作は世界の音楽を紹介したSoup Recordsに残されたインドネシアシリーズの三弾に当たるドゥグン演奏集団Gapuraの音源集。親しみやすいハーモニーがミニマルに作用するフュージョンサウンドといった趣、A面は彼らの初期作品から、B面には84年当時の最新音源の全10曲を収録。演奏の幅やアレンジもしっかり練られています。中村とうよう監修。いいなぁ~

A1 - Hayam Sebrang

A3 - Sangkala

A4 - Goyang Karawang

B2 - Manuk Dadali

B4 - Kembang Jae Laos

B5 - Onde-Onde