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Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (Good shape)

Jacket:VG (seams break on right upper part,on signature,some scrubs on side and corner,some mold wear on front of sleeve)

Probably the only work of SSW Galía in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. It contains a lot of sophisticated songs with plenty of Brazilian souda feeling. Among them, I particularly recommend the A1 that is gradually drawn in by the beautiful female chorus and Galia. A3, a translucent Brazilian song that sings softly, is also good.

ブラジル南部ポルトアレグレのSSW Galíaのおそらく唯一作。ブラジルらしいサウダージ感たっぷりでいながら洗練された曲を多数収録しています。その中でも特にお勧めしたいのが美しい女性コーラスとGaliaの掛け合いで徐々に引き込まれていくA1。しっとりと歌い上げるブラジルらしい透明感ある曲A3もいいですね。

A1 - Um Recado
A3 - Fases