Gaetano & Lino Liguori - S.T.

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Label:PDU – Pld.A.6080


Used LP 1977

Disc:VG+ (good shape)
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An Italian free jazz piece in 1977 by the father-son duo of Lino Liguori, a percussionist active in the Italian free jazz and improvised music scene, and his son, Gaetano Liguori, also a percussionist. The album contains 8 tunes with numerous percussion instruments, piano, and electronic acoustic sounds. Among them, "Strategia" in which electronic reverberations fly over percussion exchanges, “Orizzonti”, which minimal repetitive phrases of the piano and the organic rhythms of the percussion instruments resonate with each other, and piano piece that evokes a Mediterranean scene ”La Lunga Marcia”, are outstanding. Total essential jazz piece typical to Italia. Cover is also great.

伊フリージャズ/即興音楽シーンで活動した打楽器奏者Lino Liguoriと同じく打楽器奏者Gaetano Liguoriによる親子デュオの77年フリージャズ作品。数々の打楽器、ピアノ、電子音響を交えた全8曲を収録。中でも打楽器の応酬に電子残響音が舞う”Strategia”、ミニマルなリズムに瑞々しい音響が溶け合う”Orizzonti”、優雅な情景が滲んで来るピアノをメインに演奏される”La Lunga Marcia”が素晴らしい。非常にイタリアらしいエッセンシャルな一枚です。ジャケもいいです。

A2 - Orizzonti

A3 - Risveglio

B1 - Strategia

B3 - La Lunga Marcia