Gabriel Yared / Alan Feanch – Vocals

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Label:Tele Music – TM 3048


Used LP 1975

Disc:VG+/VG ( deep scratches over B2/B3, other key tracks are fine, chack photos and audio samples)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown stain, light tear part on left side of sleeve, not bad condition) 

French-Lebanese composer Gabriel Yared, who has left many soundtracks mainly for Saravah and Milan, left this vocal album for the library's famous Tele Music. Alan Feanch, known for his releases on the same label, also participates on two tracks, but most of them are Gabriel Yared compositions. Especially recommended are the elegant "Metronome Vocal" with scat, congas, and flute on a metronome rhythm, the sweet slow tracks "Blue Vocals" and "Vocal In Love," and the pleasant boogie-style "Vocals Action". A nice piece with a simple composition and well-crafted. There are scratches on B2/3, the key tracks are fine, so the price is low for that reason.

SaravahやMilanを中心に多くのサウンドトラックを残しているフレンチ-レバニーズ作曲家Gabriel Yaredがライブラリー名門Tele Musicに残したヴォーカルアルバム。 同レーベルからのリリースで知られるAlan Feanchも2曲参加していますがほとんどがGabriel Yared作曲。とりわけメトロノームの規律にスキャット、コンガ、フルートで構成されるエレガントな”Metronome Vocal”、甘いスロウ・トラック”Blue Vocals”と”Vocal In Love”、気持ちいいブギー調”Vocals Action”あたりレコメンド。シンプルな構成ながらよくできた楽曲が並ぶ良作です。B2/3にかけて傷あり、キートラックは問題ありませんがその為安価にて。

A4 - Vocals Action

A5 - Blue Vocals

A6 - Vocal In Love

A7 - Velvet Vocal

B4 - Metronome Vocal

B5 - Metronome N°1

B7 - Vocals A Gogo