G. B. Beckers With Friends - Colours (Instead Of Paintings)

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Used LP 1980

Disc:EX (deadstock, slight surface noise as silent record) 

Jacket:VG+ (stamp on back, light wear)

1980 works by German guitarist Günther Beckers, who left behind a series of works created for his own paintings and exhibitions, which have been unveiled by recent re-discovery. It's minimal composition that his own guitar, which was highest quality as he toured with the musicians of ECM, Bass, drum and total nine tunes with feeling tasteful, doze, elegant in sync with his paintings. He was also concerned about the acoustics, and the smooth sound quality is excellent. Deadstock copy from his own label Milky-Music.

近年の再発掘によりベールが開かれた、自身の絵画と展覧会の為に制作された一連の作品を残しているドイツ人ギタリストGünther Beckersの80年作。ECMのミュージシャンともツアーに出るなどその腕前は一級品だったというその自身のミニマルで淡いギター、最小限のベース、ドラムの構成。自身の絵画ともシンクロするような趣や微睡を感じる一音一音の重なりが響く全9曲。音響にも拘りを持っていたようで、まろやかな音質も素晴らしい。

A2 - Colours - A Pattern

A3 - Southern Suite

B1 - A Love Song

B2 - Autumn Breath

B3 - Phase Dance

B4 - Church Bells