Four Sisters = フォーシスターズ / Tatsuko Touyama = 当山達子 – ちんぬくじゅうしい / ゆうなの花

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Label:RBCレコード – RM-101


Used 7" 1968

Disc:VG+ (light scuffs, not serious)

Jacket:VG+/VG (wears, light tears)

On A side "Chinnuku Juushii" which is gracefully sung by the Four Sisters with plenty of Okinawan saudade, one of our favorite tune of Four Sisters. On B side, Tatsuko Touyama sings subtlety "Yūna No Hana", a song representative of Okinawa that was often sung by the younger generation. Both sides great. 


A - フォーシスターズ – ちんぬくじゅうしい

B - 当山達子 – ゆうなの花