Floros Floridis, John Mourjopoulos ‎– The Manager In Charge

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Label: J.n.d. Records 


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (B4 has one scratch part affect to click noise, others are good shape,)

Jacket:VG+(light scuffs on corner, not bad condition)

A Monk memorial work by Floros Floridis, a saxophone/clarinet player from Thessaloniki who is still active as one of the pioneers of the Greek jazz scene and known for his collaborations with many artists, and John Mourjopoulos, an electronic musician. Contents of electronic jazz full of experimental that seems to have been interpreted independently. Among them are "Ask Me Now," which features a drum machine beat amidst saxophone and electronic sounds, "Brilliant Corners" a free/avant jazz tune changed from original and "Killer Soda" an experimental jazz tune scored by them that intersects beat exchanges and electronic sounds. Hidden amazing greek jazz piece.  

ギリシャ・ジャズ・シーンの先駆者の一人として、また数々のアーティストとの共演でも知られる現在も活動を続けるテッサロニキ出身のサックス/クラリネット奏者Floros Floridisと電子音楽家John Mourjopoulosによるモンクメモリアル作品。正に独自解釈と言っていい実験精神溢れる電子音響ジャズを収録。中でもサックス、電子音が舞うなかドラムマシーンのビートが響く”Ask Me Now”、フリー/アヴァンジャズに仕立て上げた"Brilliant Corners"、ビートの応酬と電子音が交差する二人によるスコアのエクスペリメンタル・ジャズ”Killer Soda”など凄いです。グリーク・ジャズ秘宝的作品。

A1 - Mysterioso

A4 - Killer Soda

B1 - Ask Me Now

B4 - Brilliant Corners